Given the fleetingness of experience, the Museum of Ephemerata offers a wide range of souvenirs in the form of guidebooks, apparel, ephemera -- all superior in use-value to dust-gathering knickknacks. Tailor made to suit the tastes of connoisseurs and kitsch collectors alike, the souvenirs are moderately priced and deliver the aura of the Museum directly to your home!

All prices below are SUGGESTED DONATIONS. If interested in procuring souvenirs, or if you would like more information about the objects listed below, please contact Your Curators at Shipping costs will be added to each order. If you are sure what you want, add up the total and send us a donation through PayPal.

We will follow up by emailing you with the shipping costs. Many Thanks!


"The impermanent collection," the heart of MNAE, $7

"Underground" themed exhibition, with screen printed cover, $10

"Animals" themed exhibition, $8

"Machines" themed exhibition, $5


"House" tank top - $12

"Underground" t-shirt, $12

"Ghosts" t-shirt - glows in the dark! $12

"Machines" t-shirt, $12


Bumper sticker - $2

"Underground" postcard, .50 (3 for $1)

"Ghosts" postcard, .50 (3 for $1)

"Machines" postcard, .50 (3 for $1)

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